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As Seen on TV: Product Review

As Seen on TV Product Review: SENSA

Just a few sprinkles and the weight falls off while you eat your favorite foods.  Does this stuff really work?

Anytime I read about a pill, product or potion that allows me to eat whatever I want, while still losing weight, I get very suspicious.  For a host of reasons, I will go out on a limb here and tell you that there will never, ever be a pill or potion that will simply melt off only your body fat.  Think about it.  Are you trying to sell me on the scientific fact that this alleged fat loss pill will know exactly how to target only my "fat" cells, while leaving the other cells healthy to grow?  I think you get my drift here. We will leave that for another discussion and debate.

They call it Sensa.  You have probably seen the commercials or home shopping network segments on this product.  They claim that you can eat all your favorite foods without counting calories.  All you need to do is sprinkle everything you eat with the Sensa crystals and then take a few sniffs of your food and the magic happens as you lose weight by eating less.

According to the company web site and the founder Alan Hirsch, MD (neurologic director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago), Sensa crystals were developed to promote feelings of fullness and, accordingly, weight loss.

First off, to say that you do not need to count calories is a huge assumption based upon a faulty premise.  Just because this so-called magic dust claims to get me to eat less, in and of itself, that does not negate the need to count calories.  What if I'm sprinkling lots of these crystals on my food, while still eating a lot...What if these crystals do not get me to cut my portion size down...Will this product still work in such cases?  The answer is no it will not.  In fact, if you're an emotional eater who eats at times when you're not even hungry, this product could make you gain more weight than if you didn't use it at all. 

How is it suppose to work?

Sensa is intended to work with your sense of smell, training your brain and stomach into thinking you're full, Hirsch says. He uses the term "sensory-specific satiety" to describe the process by which smell receptors send messages of fullness to your brain.

I can punch holes in this all day long if I want to.  But let me just say this: as I stated earlier, even if this product made me feel full and no longer hungry, there would be many times when I would still eat anyway. 

Let me ask you a question, how many times have you eaten or snacked even though you weren't hungry at all?  Be honest, how often?  Most would say plenty of times.  You see, the battle to control your weight and burn fat is not about simply killing your appetite.  I guess this would be one of my major issues with Sensa.  Most of the people who are overweight and/or obese eat when they are not hungry and do not stop when they are full.  Obesity is an inner issue of the mind and the emotions.  

Problems with Sensa


The ingredients contained in Sensa leave a lot to be desired on the "healthy" front.  Below is a short list.

1. Maltodextrin

2. Tricalcium Phosphate

3. Natural and Artificial flavors

4. Contains Soy and Milk ingredients

Depending on how much of this product you use, you should be concerned with possible hormonal implications surrounding the use of too much maltodextrin and also for women--too much soy.

Exercise and Healthy Living

The Sensa program does not promote the regular practice of exercise and healthy eating.  There is only one true fountain of youth that this world can claim to agree on, and it is daily exercise of cardiovascular and resistance training.  Everything else falls short.  This program actually uses the opposite to sell their product.  Eat what you want and don't worry about exercise because you don't really need to.  Big mistake.  You will not only see that this doesn't work long term, but you will get old before your time. 

Long Term Outlook

Considering all that was already stated, even if you still felt it was beneficial, would you be willing to sprinkle your food for the rest of your life?  Is this nothing more than an appetite suppressant?  If so, will it continue working or will your body build up some kind of tolerance to it? 

In the end, we must give Sensa a thumbs down on all fronts.

Long term results require internal and external changes and commitments.  This is exactly why the Dreambodies program not only teaches long term nutritional strategies, but also internal mind, mental and emotional protocols that give you victory for the rest of your life.

Until more research is complete, most experts recommend sticking to traditional weight loss plans that entail eating less and exercising more.  This not only gives you the beautiful body you want, but turns back the clock from the inside out!

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