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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dedication!  The act of being devoted or committed to something.  Are your dreams worth more than a bag of Doritos or a glass of wine?  Would you consider a body that is ready for ANY magazine cover to be much more highly valued than a greasy cheeseburger?  Is losing yourself in a pint of ice cream really worth throwing away all of your physical and human potential?

In the pictures above, you see the beautiful body of Ellen Sinclair.  One of our most devoted DreamBodies team members and a competing figure competitor.  If you look closely at the before/after photos above, you will see a body completely transformed and almost re-created.  If you could see the after photos in a bigger size, you would see a gorgeous female body that could not possibly be any harder, tighter or leaner.  Absolutely magnificent!  That's why we will be doing a full story and pictorial on Ellen soon with a range of pictures for you to enjoy.  So, please be on the lookout for that.

You can take ANY magazine you want from Oxygen to Shape, and she is MORE than ready to grace the covers of any of these publications.  This begs the question, how did she get that body? 

That answer is not one that we can give you with just one word.  Yes, she followed the DreamBodies program to the lettter.  Yes, she worked the nutritional protocols and metabolic trickery well.  Yes, she kicked the incredible workouts designed for her.  But if it had to be defined succinctly and with only one word, let's say dedication sums it up.  By the way, this is the program that she used!

Ellen overcame challenges, emotional struggles, cravings and all of the other things that come up as you follow your dreams.  No dream comes for free.  But, she saw her dreams as being much bigger and more valuable than anything else in this world.  Can you say that?  Are you giving your goals and dreams that kind of commitment and devotion?

Let NO one lead you astray and tell you that other things are more important.  Those people should be considered Dream-Killers because that's what they do...they KILL dreams. 

At Dreambodies we say that Dreams build bodies and bodies build dreams.  Why? Because once your body becomes brand new, you dream and achieve things in all other areas that you never thought possible. 

Congratulations to Ellen and all the others who make momentary sacrifices for BEAUTIFUL, EVERLASTING REALITIES!  Think about it...isn't that the truth?


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