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 Interview: Pete Siegel PODCAST 

      Defeating The Dream Killers:

Transform Your Body By Transforming Your Mind!

World acclaimed personal development and peak performance expert, Peter C. Siegel, R.H. talks one-on-one with Tony DiCostanzo in this powerful Podcast interview.  Pete is the country's foremost sports and peak performance hypnotherapist, and for 28 years, has personally worked with world-class and professional athletes (NFL, NHL, MLS, NBA, MLB, PGA, LPGA, Olympics), entertainment celebrities and powerhouses in business, helping them elevate their performance impact, so they clearly register all time personal bests.  Now in this incredible podcast he shares the answers to some tough questions. 

In this Podcast...

Is it possible to chase down your dreams if you're filled with Fear?

What can you do if you are too emotionally drained or tired to Exercise and Push Forward

Is it possible not only to move forward but to Thrive in the midst of obstacles? The answer is YES and here's how...

What Technique can you use the next time you're faced with the Temptation to Eat something unhealthy? 

How should you handle the Negative people in your life?

        And Much More...   Listen Now!

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Defeating the DreamKillers: Pete Siegel Podcast

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Peter C. Siegel, R.H. is a world acclaimed personal development and veteran peak performance expert whose proven methods will help you experience unparalleled confidence, success, and personal growth in your life.  He is the most highly publicized hypnotherapist in the world - because of one blatant fact; he produces striking results which are measurable, and profound!  He's written and produced 25 self help book/CD programs including Building Super Confidence, Winning At Life, Living Invincibly Positive, and The Formula (see his website at http://www.incrediblechange.com for info). Each of his programs provide people incredible positive change and success strategies, enabling you to fully break through personal limitations, and live rich, successful lives -- completely free of inhibition and fear. 


Pete offers some invaluable resources for personal growth and achievement:


Serious Bodybuilders and Figure Competitors looking to put on some muscle?

Check out Think and Grow Big (Book & 2 CD's)


Athletes and Sports Competitors looking for the total self-confidence to achieve peak performance?

Check out Sports Peak Performance Mega Success Programming


Find these and many other resources at http://www.incrediblechange.com/

You can contact Pete Siegel at incrediblechange@yahoo.com

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