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Take a Few Moments to Watch the FULL Clip Below. 

If You Haven't Already Seen it, it is Worth Every Second!

     If You're Waiting Until January to Get in Shape, You are Following the Same Pattern that you have always followed Before!

STOP...Today is the Day!

FULL Weeks of the DreamBodies Online Program!   

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Your Life is About to Change Forever


    Troy Raper's  UNBELIEVABLE Transformation!



"If you care enough to hire a trainer, stay the course, make the commitment, eat the food, do the work: He will give you back the same commitment! No matter what the issue, time of day, day of the week, Tony is there to help you.

If you are happy with who you are now, great! If not, do something about it and fix the issues. There is nothing in my life that hasn't been touched in a positive way by Dreambodies and Tony. Make the transformation, make the leap of faith, take control of yourself and your health. You will thank him later!"  -- Troy Raper

Troy Lost over 100 lbs and Went on to Take 2nd Place in His Very First Bodybuilding Competition!  He not only went home with a host of trophies, but he made his dreams reality!

                            HEAR THE PROOF!


                                       Voicemail #1: Pablo Tejada

The Audio below was of New Client Pablo Tejada at the time.  Pablo was only on the DreamBodies Program for a little over one week and already he was posting weight loss numbers like those of "The Biggest Loser" Televsion Show.  Pablo lost 15 pounds in just 11 days!  To listen to the voicemail that Pablo left for us, click on the play button below (arrow). 

                                 Voicemail Message #2: Jacquie Posey

One of our other New Clients, Jacquie Posey, also called me on my cell phone and left the following brief voicemail.  Listen in to hear what she had to say to me. 

"Tony, All I can say is I can not believe I lost 8.5 lbs & 4.5 inches my very first week! I have been working so hard for the past 2 years with no major success & now here I am working with you & after 1 short week I've lost more than I have in months, not to mention how good I feel. The self esteem is rising & I am starting to believe ALREADY that there is a small person hiding under all this fluff! Thank You for everything! "---Conni




The Best Online

    Body Transformation Program

in the World!

No matter what happens in life, there is ONE thing that will NEVER change.

We all want to look and feel our best--all of the time!

It doesn't matter if it's work, the economy, personal relationships, or the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives--we're ALL happier and live better when we're HEALTHY. 

For the FRACTION of the cost of a Personal one-on-one trainer, the DreamBodies Online Program offers all the same benefits BUT MUCH, MUCH MORE! 

DreamBodies is the ONLY system in the world that offers a COMPLETELY holistic approach that addresses the REAL ISSUES that cause FAILURE on ALL other PROGRAMS!

Here are a few testimonies to illustrate the POWER behind this System!


When Linda McVetty needed to lose over 25 lbs in preparation for a Supplement   

Company Advertisement/Challenge, she called DreamBodies BTS. 


              Amazingly Linda lost OVER 33 lbs in ONLY 10 weeks!!!



                              BEFORE                                                                    AFTER


"I first called Tony after I accepted a weight loss challenge and I was unsure of my abilities to meet my goal of  30 pounds in 11 weeks while retaining as much of my lean muscle mass as possible.  I had seen the amazing results of others that Tony trains and they all had amazing things to say about Tony so I thought I would give it a shot. 


I saw results immediately and lost 6 pounds my first week and I was already eating clean previous to this!  


The workouts were fun and varied.  I looked forward to seeing what was in store for me everyday.  I workout at home alone, so the descriptions and videos really helped to have confidence that I was doing the exercises correctly.


During this period I did have times of absolute panic where I was unsure of my ability to meet my goals.  Tony was not worried.  He has an amazing ability to know how our individual bodies will respond to his techniques.


The results speak for themselves.  After 10 weeks I met and surpassed my goals.  I lost 33 pounds, AND put on muscle mass. Now I have the confidence to enter my first figure competition and am so excited what I can accomplish in the future with Tony's help.


Thank you Tony for helping me not only to reach, but surpass my goals!  You are an amazing trainer and amazing at what you do!"


--Linda McVetty



"I lost 11 lbs in the first month alone.  My self esteem grew and my husband could tell a dramatic change in me.  My body felt better on the inside and out.  As the month's past the weight kept dropping.  In March I went and watched a figure competition and immediately called Tony and told him I want to do this.   I knew that would be a big commitment but what do I have to lose?  Tony believed in me and was with me 100%.  He always says call if you need anything I'm here for you.  I don't know how he does it or has the time but he is always there for me. 

I lost a total of 25 lbs and went from an 11/12 jrs. to a 3/4 jrs.  I was so excited when I my 9/10 weren't fitting that I bought some 7's then those didn't fit so I bought 5's and now those are loose.  I'm not complaining though it's actually fun to shop again.  I can't wait to see what level Tony takes my body to!"


--April Jones

                                       What is Online Personal Training?


Online Personal training is a way to have all the benefits of a physical one-on-one fitness trainer, but at only a fraction of the cost. 


    Why Makes the DreamBodies System so Unique? 


We take a results-driven, scientific approach incorporating prolific exercise protocol, fat-melting nutrition and unsurpassed coaching and mind-motivational conditioning to ensure success and results that last a lifetime. 


Whether your goal is to pack on muscle, strip off the fat, just lose some weight and tone up

              or look good NAKED, this system will exceed your



The DreamBodies System also approaches Body Transformation from a completely holistic platform.  We combine synergistic applications of fat-melting nutrition and supplementation to results-driven and goal-centered exercise protocol. 


                                                        The Missing Link!



How many times have you started a diet or exercise program only to stop far short of your goals and aspirations?  How many times have you said, "Tomorrow...tomorrow I will start my diet" or "tomorrow I will get on the program again". 

                                                          What happened? 



You probably stopped and started many times again after that.  Was it the food and the eating that presented the biggest challenge?  Was it the exercise and working out that you neglected or hated?


It may very well have been one or both of these things BUT the problem ultimately lies within your own heart and mind and your ability to recondition your MIND for success.  


As you can see from reading the success stories and testimonies, this is a Body Transformation training system that NOT ONLY changes your body, BUT ALSO your MIND by changing the WAY YOU THINK and SEE YOURSELF.



       The DreamBodies Online Personal training System offers YOU the following:




--Initial Telephone Consultation ( All of the details of the program are explained)


--Personalized Approach based upon needs & goals--Workouts designed for You---specifically


--Daily Workout Regimen with Video Demonstrations


--Daily Diet & Nutritional Guidance and strategic planning (complete meal planning)--Also, complete access to your meal planning


--Goal Shaping & Planning


--Ongoing Before & after Assessments for evaluation and strategic planning.


--Unlimited, ongoing e-mail and Phone Coaching 

(access to your Own Personal trainer/coach 24/7) 


--Online Fitness magazine


--Mind-motivational conditioning to ensure your success.  This takes the "dieting" out of eating.  It becomes Auto-pilot for you.


--Much more....


Ranjiv Lost 20 pounds of Body Fat and Gained 8+Lbs of Muscle

in less than 14 Weeks!!!

"Tony, EVERYONE that is seeing my transformation around me is INSPIRED!  YOU helped me be the MAN I am results have and are blowing me away.  Man you are just plain AWESOME.  No one has ever kept me motivated other than myself like this and I can turn to you.  This is just such an amazing experience.  Your training and interactions have been the most incredibly inspiring things in my life for I don't know how long.  It is bringing out something in me that I've not known or seen in many years.. it is also re-developing for me a sense of who I am as a man.  Thanks again from your biggest promoter and fan...and follower in Seattle!"    --Ranjiv Jain

              Mark Ellison's MIND BLOWING Transformation!


                                         BEFORE                                                                                   AFTER

"My wife started up with Tony in the fall of '07 and I remember being pretty doubtful about the program at first.  I thought, "how could you have any success with an online personal trainer?"  Well she slowly changed my opinion because by the time the holidays rolled around she was getting into really good shape and the workout plan I "designed" for myself was only resulting in me gaining weight and not muscle.  Tony showed me what to eat and how to workout with much greater benefit.  I started with Tony in January '08 at 210 lbs and by May '08 I was easily in the best shape of my life and was down to 165 lbs following his program!  This really changed my life, it changed my outlook on everything I do and say.  At least in my case I became a much happier person inside. I no longer looked to others to create my happiness, because I found it inside myself."    -- Mark Ellison


                               BEFORE                                                              AFTER

I was very skeptical of an online trainer, but after following the blogs and giving lots of thought, I took a step of faith with Tony.  Since then I have had no regrets, except for not starting sooner with Tony. 


All my life I have been the "thick girl", admiring athletic looking females, but now I am the "buff girl"!   For once, I am comfortable in my own skin, I love my strong body and its capabilities.  All of this thanks to the information and support Tony has provided.  His workouts are fun, challenging, and are never boring.  It may sound funny, but when I'm super motivated and nothing can stop me, I claim to my friends that Tony has been messing with my head.  Tony believes in me when no one else does. 


I know he is always there for me.  I look forward every day to waking up and looking in the mirror, because I know if I do exactly as Tony instructs, the mirror won't lie. 


Tony, I'm beaming inside, so excited as to what the future holds for me and my body.  Thank you for everything!  --Hollie Harris


                                   What About You? 

                                                          Isn't it YOUR Time?    

         ONLY $125  for 4 FULL Weeks!

PLUS, We will also give you the following 2 FREE E-Books (valued at over $45) as our GIFTS to get you started and on your way to your BODY and LIFE Transformation!

                                                             Still Undecided?


Your Guide to Setting Goals Successfully
Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

  • The one technique that is used by professional athletes, successful business people, and high
    achievers in all fields. (Page 5)

  • 9 areas of your life you need to prioritize NOW if you want to be successful with lifetime goal setting.
    (Pages 6-7)

  • How to avoid sabotaging your own success. (Page 7)

  • An easy way to plan your lifetime goals to make sure you're not left with any failed wishes. (Page 7)

  • Small ways that you can prepare today for goals 20 years away. (Page 8)

  • What NEVER to include when writing down your goals. Do otherwise at your own risk! (Page 9)

Fitness: The Guide to Staying Healthy

This book covers everything there is to know about fitness and it's understandable to the average person!

Discover why it is important to stay in shape...Plus here is a little tease of what else is inside:

*    Learn where you stand right now with your health...

*    Find out how your blood pressure plays a role...

*   Learn about your BMI...

*   Discover your ideal weight....

*   Discover where your most important measurements are...

*   Find out how fitness does more than lose weight...


We are also giving all of our New DreamBodies Team Members a personal appointment each and every week (First 4 Weeks Only) with a Certified Fitness/Life Coach!  This is where you will receive the personalized coaching to help you bridge the gap between your fitness goals and your Busy life.

                   (This is valued at over $200)


You Will Also Receive a copy of the DreamBodies Daily Workout Journal/Log Entry.  This is an incredible reproducible daily journal sheets which cover every aspect of your training from Diet to Mindset and Goals!

                  So, Are You Ready to Get Started?

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Simply Click the "BUY NOW" PayPal button below and you will be on your way.  Once you remit payment, you will be redirected to the web page that contains your FREE ebooks and your start-up instructions.   You can trust Paypal's security for online, Safe shopping.  We have NEVER, EVER had any breach of personal security and we have been working with PayPal for years.

IMPORTANT REMINDER:  After Your PayPal Checkout, Be Patient and do NOT click off the PayPal website as you will be redirected to the DreamBodies website so that you can claim and download your Free Ebooks and retrieve Start up materials.

               Still Unsure if This Program is for You? 

                   Read one final testimony below and then ask yourself if it is YOUR TURN! 

Keep in Mind, this program is NOT just for those who wish to step on stage and compete or become figure models or bodybuilders.  This program is for ANYONE who desires to become their BEST.

                   "I Have Learned to Dream Again!"


                              BEFORE                                                  AFTER

History has taught me that I cannot trust my body.  It will fail me, it always fails me.  After 10 knee surgeries, including 5 ACL reconstructions and two miscarriages within the last few years, lack of exercise and emotional eating led to an all time high of 178lbs on my once athletic 5'9" frame. I had a lot of excuses and reasons why I could never reach a high level of fitness or just get in shape period.  I was tired of living a lie, tired of being a Health and Fitness teacher who was overweight, depressed, and exhausted at the end of each day.  I needed change, I began to crave change.  I needed to prove to myself that I could trust my body again. 


I began working with Tony DiCostanzo in June of 2008 after completing a successful BFL challenge in the fall of 2007.  BFL taught me I could begin to trust my physical body but Tony has taught me the importance of trusting the power of the mind.  I have learned to dream again and the champion in me is fighting like there's no tomorrow to achieve the goals and dreams I want for ME!!  I am no longer worried about what other people fact many close to me disapprove of the sport I have chosen but I will NOT let them bring me down or tell me whether or not my dream is okay or STOP me from pursuing my PASSION!!!


Just 7 weeks after my first consult with Tony I competed in my first "unplanned" figure contest. With only two weeks prep, Tony helped me put everything together to shine on stage. I had an absolute blast and was grinning from ear to ear for weeks after being crowned WA State Overall Figure Champ!! In October 2008, I competed in my second competition and was awarded 2nd in my class out of 14 women at the Washington Ironman. 


The body and mind transformation success I have experienced did not happen overnight.  It takes commitment and adherence to a plan of action that will lead you to your dreambody.  It is a continual process of goal-setting and staying true to the dreams you have for your body and your life.  Throughout my training with Tony I have grown stronger in spirit, body and mind.  The champion in me is living life with joy, passion, hope, and gratitude. 



                         Currently.....I am eating clean, training hard, and dreaming big!!!


                                                      ---  Sincerely, Andie Canonge

Are You Ready to Change your Body and Life?

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